Learn what the rate pause means for home prices and mortgage rates.

In the latest twist in the housing market happenings, the Federal Reserve has decided to maintain its rate pause, leaving both home buyers and sellers in a state of anticipation. Despite raising rates 11 times over the past two years, the Fed is holding steady amidst persistent inflation, now hovering around 3.5%. This decision signals a cautious approach to economic stabilization. As the market digests this news, questions loom about the future of mortgage rates and their impact on housing affordability.

You can listen to our full explanation in the video above or skip to each topic using the timestamps provided:

0:00 — Introduction

1:03 — How does the Federal Reserve affect the housing market

2:20 — The Federal Reserve does not set mortgage rates

3:18 — What will happen to the housing market if interest rates rise

3:47 — While sales have slowed, prices remain high

4:35 — Competition

5:01 — Wrapping up

Understanding these shifts in the housing market can help you make smarter real estate decisions in the coming months. Stay tuned for further updates as we follow this matter together. If you have any questions or need advice, please call or email us.