Although we’re continuing to help buyers and sellers in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re also helping people in our community outside of real estate. Here’s a quick update on what we’ve been doing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been disrupting our daily lives for a few weeks now. Some businesses, such as restaurants, theatres, and bars, are struggling. Others, like grocery stores and food delivery apps, are thriving. Here’s what’s going on from a local real estate perspective.

California is currently under a shelter-in-place order. All non essential businesses have been closed. Originally, this included real estate sales, but this past weekend, we have been reclassified as an essential business. Even still, this is anything but business as usual.

All Realtors doing business in today’s market must now take into account the health and safety of their clients and fellow Realtors. If the proper health and safety protocols are not followed, we run the risk of getting shut down once more.

Although open houses are not allowed right now, there are some activities that are. They include virtual showings, one-on-one showings in person, property inspections, and appraisals. They can all be done as long as the health and safety protocols from the CDC are being observed.

“We’re continuing to develop new tools that will help us navigate things safer and healthier.”

While the coronavirus has had a direct effect in the form of a slowdown in activity in the Coachella Valley, there have been over 200 new listings put on the market in the last week. During the same timeframe, 50 properties have gone under contract and 200 home sales have closed.

If you’re wondering what your next steps are as a buyer or seller, here’s what you should do.

First of all, safeguard your health and the health of your family. If you need to hit the pause button on your transaction, that’s fine. However, there are plenty of people who still need to buy and sell right now for various reasons. For these clients, we can coordinate virtual showings, one-on-one showings, and more. We’re continuing to develop new tools that will help us navigate the business in a safe and healthy way.

We’re available to you as a resource outside of real estate as well. If you need someone to pick up a prescription or groceries, we want to help. We’re here for you. Just give us a call or send us an email if you need anything. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy.