Six projects homeowners should consider when updating their houses.

Do you want to improve the value of your home? Maybe you plan on selling this season, or maybe you don’t plan to sell for years to come. Whatever your situation is, it’s always a good idea to add value to your property. That’s why today, I’m sharing a few of the easiest ways homeowners can add value to their homes for a low upfront cost. 

You can listen to my full explanation in the video above or skip to each topic using the timestamps provided:

0:00 — Introduction 

0:52 — Try adding a new coat of paint 

1:31 — Improve your curb appeal 

2:10 — Try installing smart technology

2:37 — Add new lighting 

3:13 — Small bathroom updates 

3:55 — Try new flooring

4:55 — Wrapping things up

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