Explore the mortgage landscape with industry expert Brett Hertz.

In a recent conversation with mortgage industry expert Brett Hertz, we delved into the hot topic of home lending. With over a decade of experience and handling around 400 loans annually, Brett provided invaluable insights into the current mortgage landscape. We touched on everything from rising rates to available loan products, credit standards, and preparing to buy a home. If you’re contemplating a home purchase, Brett’s expertise can help you navigate the complexities of the lending world.

Feel free to watch the full message above or use these timestamps that will direct you to various points in the video:

0:00 — Introduction

0:19 — Introducing Brett

1:12 — Where will rates go in the future?

2:48 — What’s available right now?

5:34 — What to do before buying a home

6:55 — Wrapping up

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