Here are your fall numbers for our Coachella Valley real estate market.

Today we wanted to give you a fall update for our local Coachella Valley real estate market. Record-low inventory and record-high prices are the two conditions causing every Valley city to experience record-high prices. There are a lot more detail to dig into around why and what this means for both buyers and sellers.

You can watch the full message above or skip to topics that interest you using the timestamps provided below for your convenience:

0:28 — The median price of a detached home

1:07 — Total inventory in the valley

1:38  — Every city has shown over 20% year-over-year price gain

2:15 — Our months of sales ratios

2:52 — October 1 months of sales by city and the median value

3:41 — The median days in the market throughout the Valley

4:05 — The three month average of total sales

4:38 — The mortgage rate jump

5:06 — What does this mean for you?

6:03 — Wrapping up

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